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Reviewed in France on 6 July Mistral Trading LLC de sécurité de qualité Bonne chaussure de sécurité, 2ème paire que je prend de cette marque et on sans bien la qualité de ces chaussures. Elle sont aussi plus légère que les premières je recommande Read more Satisfait de cet achat.

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Je recommande Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 1 June Light hard-wearing and comfortable A lovely pair of boots. Right from the start.

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Good support. Very comfortable. After nearly 2yrs in the environment that I work in that's Not bad the soles are starting t go now had 2 insoles since first purchased.

Hotel Mistral, Hydra

But still a good boot Tres belle paire, confort, souplesse Pointure correcte. Great boots!

Anti slip, anti static, shock absorbent, steel caps and composit sole for puncture resistance. Pretty good size and fashionable. May be good for people who don't walk around too much as your feet may start hurting but Mistral Trading LLC you can add gel soles to counter that. Any questions regarding this product just ask advice and I will try to after.

Been using these boots for 2 months now Elles sont de plus très légères et en cuir.

Mistral Trading Llc

Je recommande complètement Und der Schuh ist end geschnitten Reviewed in Italy on 23 November Scarpe Scruffs - Mistral boot Scarpe molto comode, imballo e spedizione praticamente perfetti!!!! They are very comfortable compared to other safety shoes I've used before. My previous ones were a famous brand but had very hard soles.

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With these, ad a gel insole and you forget you're wearing safety shoes. Also they seem pretty durable but I guess time will tell.

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For those who have issues with sweaty feet, be aware that these are quite warm. However, the tall build has saved my ankle at least a couple of times One of the best I trully recommend this ones!

Reviewed in France on 27 July Fuyez!