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whether matlab function block and trigger block can be linearized?

The number of poles must be greater than or equal to the number of zeros. If the poles and zeros are complex, they must be complex-conjugate pairs.

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For a multiple-output system, all transfer functions must have the same poles. The zeros can differ in value, but the number of zeros for each transfer function must be the same.

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Note You cannot use a Zero-Pole block to model a multiple-output system when the transfer functions have a differing number of zeros or a single zero each. Use multiple Zero-Pole blocks to model such systems.

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Modeling a Single-Output System For a single-output system, the input and the output of the block are scalar time-domain signals. To model this system: Enter a vector for the zeros of the transfer function in the Zeros field. Enter a vector for the poles of the transfer function in the Poles field.

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Enter a 1-by-1 vector for the gain of the transfer function in the Gain field. Modeling a Multiple-Output System For a multiple-output system, the block input is a scalar and the output is a vector, where each element is an output of the system.

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To model this system: Enter a matrix of zeros in the Zeros field. Each column of this matrix contains the zeros of a transfer function that relates the system input to one of the outputs. Enter a vector gains dans blockcan the poles common to all transfer functions of the system in the Poles field.

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Enter a vector of gains in the Gain field. Each element is the gain of the corresponding transfer function in Zeros.

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Each element of the output vector corresponds to a column in Zeros. Transfer Function Display on the Block The Zero-Pole block displays the transfer function depending on how you specify the zero, pole, and gain parameters.

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Gains dans blockcan you specify each parameter as an expression or a vector, the block shows the transfer function with the specified zeros, poles, and gain. If you specify a variable in parentheses, the block evaluates the variable.

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For example, if you specify Zeros as [3,2,1], Poles as poleswhere poles is [7,5,3,1], and Gain as gain, the block looks like this. If you specify each parameter as a variable, the block shows the variable name followed by s if appropriate.

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For example, if you specify Zeros as zeros, Poles as poles, and Gain as gain, the block looks like this.