Décoder manuellement le jeton porteur OAuth en C#

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Utilisation des jetons porteurs

Single sign-on SSO provides a seamless way for your add-in to authenticate users and optionally to obtain access tokens to call the Microsoft Graph API. Using this method, your add-in can obtain an access jeton porteur scoped to your server back-end API.

The add-in uses this as a bearer token in the Authorization header to authenticate a call back to your API.

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  • Décoder manuellement le jeton porteur OAuth en C#
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Si vous le souhaitez, vous pouvez également obtenir votre code côté serveur. For information about how to do this, see Exchange Online: How to enable your tenant for modern authentication. When you are developing an add-in, you will have to provide consent in advance.

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For more information, see Grant administrator consent to the add-in. For more information, see Configure the add-in.

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The add-in gets an SSO token with client-side script. For more information, see Add client-side code.

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In most scenarios, there would be little point to obtaining the access token, if your add-in does not jeton porteur it on to a server-side and use it there.

For details on what your server-side could and should do, see Add server-side code. When using the SSO token as an identity in an Outlook add-in, we recommend that you also use the Exchange identity token as jeton porteur alternate identity.

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Les utilisateurs de votre complément peuvent utiliser plusieurs clients, dont certains ne fourniront peut-être pas de jeton SSO. Users of your add-in may use multiple clients, and some may not support providing an SSO token.

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By using the Exchange identity token as an alternate, you can avoid having to prompt jeton porteur users for credentials multiple times. For more information, see Scenario: Implement single sign-on to your service in an Outlook add-in.